Pasture 2 Table

Our animals are raised in their instinctual habitat.
They don't just live, they thrive

We love America and we also love to eat.

We love farming and producing food so we can all share and enjoy it!

Pasture2 Table Farm is tailored for people who care about what they eat.  All animals on our farm are raised outside their whole lives, eating all the good things nature has provided.

We are “radically transparent.” If you want to visit us with your family, we would love to show you around!

Best for us, best for the animals, and best for our land.

Why merely sustain the land? Why not regenerate it while we farm!

Our concept is to balance between people, animals, and nature. Raising animals in their natural habitat makes a big difference. Doing so gives us as farmers and the animals the ability to thrive, not just live.

We love regenerative farming and we love how America is more conscientious of its land. That is why we do what we do.

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